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Often described as“Heaven on Earth”

Often described as“Heaven on Earth”

Le Rendez -Vous  has been in operation since 2003

it has become well known as  a “Paradise Found “ inVilcabamba,Ecuador.

 Winning TopAwards  for 2013 ,2014 with TripAdvisor receiving both “A Certificate of Excellence” and the “Travellers Choice“ award.TripAdvisor is a top rated travel site for people  from all around the globe.

“Le Rendez-Vous “in French means

A Meeting Place”

The meeting of the northern and southern hemisphere’s 

* A meeting or a gathering place for travelers from                  all around the world. 

Le Rendez-Vous is honoured to host many diverse and varied cultures bringing with them the wisdom and new  understandings of their lands and their cultures enriching our  lives here in this



Sacred Valley. 

We are Nestled between two Sacred mountains “Guaranga“ the Feminine and “Mandango” the Masculine . 










































































A Crystal Clear Vortex 

of Energy is apparent

  and obvious when you 

enter the gates 

and meander through

the Lush and Exquisite  

gardens passing through

a Japanese  gate

  A "Tori "  

which signifies  

the entrance to  

a “Sacred Space”!


Within the design and vision  of Le Rendez-Vous 

we have included / integrated the practice of “ Feng Shui” 

The Art of Placement. 

An Ancient Chinese Practice  for thousands of years 

known for creating

“Abundance and Wealth”. 

“Feng” meaning Wind

and “Shui”meaning Water 

together in Harmony creating

“ Qi Energy” the Balance of  Body,Mind and Spirit  in Harmony with Nature and natural forces* 

The colours, lighting and finishing of the interior/ exterior  spaces influence Mood and Well Being!


When lighting is subtle 

and appropriately designed you feel at ease.












The Energy you will experience wandering along the  gently designed pathways and their integration with nature and the

gardens will shift you into another space in time,

* Balanced and Tranquillo *

Qi energy in the Environment and body produceVitality, Energy and Balance of Body ,Mind and Spirit!

As Le Rendez-Vous sits in an embraced position with “Guaranga “the feminine mountain it creates a feeling of a gentle warmth and protection.

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